A downloadable inexperienced art

Made by Rajas Nagpurkar

Date: 12/12/15

There are 4 different kinds of explosions at different heights.


- Move the rockets using the arrow keys

- Explode rockets with the 4 different explosions using WASD or hovering the mouse over the center of each firework

You can either play this as an interactive art piece (it's not that pretty though) or an annoying multiplayer game in which one player continously moves the rockets while the other attempts to explode as many rockets as possible by hovering the mouse over the center point of each firework (my favorite way to play).

WARNING: If you don't explode enough rockets, the game will end and you'll have to restart! :)

Feel free to manipulate the rate at which rockets fly, the rocket's spawn rate, the end game condition, etc... using the commented code below

Install instructions

Install Processing 2 if you don't already have it

This game can be run in processing 2. With 64 bit processing you can add the sound library to add sound to the explosions.

Everything in the zip file is already arranged properly,

To do this:

Go to Sketch --> Import Library --> Add Library scroll to the Sound and install ddf.minim.


Frustrating_Fireworks.zip 5 MB

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