A downloadable hip post-modernist art for Windows

A variety of colorful rectangles fill the space in a blank, circular pattern - infinitely overlapping one another to create a variety of optical illusions as the code is being generated. Watch as rectangles generate, colors overlap, and illusions form. In your experience with this work, you may see an overhead view of a futuristic-colorful city, a funnel-like spiral going inward, a soccer ball, and potentially your most profound desire.

What will you see?

What deep personal insights will you be able to conclude via this artistic experience?

Feel free to dabble with some of the variables within the code in Processing. Try changing the opacity of the colors, the border outline, the color of the background, etc...

Install instructions

Be sure to install Processing 2

Make sure the Halluce.pde file is within a folder named Halluce

click on Halluce.pde to open it in Processing

run it by hitting the play button in the top left corner of the Processing IDE

play with variables and have fun!


Halluce.pde 1 kB

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